The profile of Sulingen-based company W&W Projekt Service Verpackungsgesellschaft mbH


The learned carpenter Thorsten Neumann and his wife Birgit founded the present-day W&W Projekt Service Verpackungsgesellschaft mbH in Garbsen, near Hannover, as early as 1995.

The now Sulingen-based business specialises in all types of industrial and export packaging. Its expansion meant it was one of the first companies to move into Sulingen’s SUN-Park complex on 1 August 1997.

The young establishment’s success led to further, rapid success here, resulting in the previously used area being extended from 2,400 sq m to 6,300 sq m, and more staff being employed to ensure orders could still be met on time. Due to space-related reasons at the SUN-Park, the company moved to eastern Sulingen in 2007, where it purchased a 30,000-sq-m block of land. Seventyfive trained, full-time staff now work in 10,500 sq m of heated production and warehouse space, as well as 18,000 sq m of outdoor space, at W&W Projekt Service Verpackungsgesellschaft mbH, ensuring a fast and high-quality service.

The company’s own fleet contains two trucks and 19 forklifts whose load-bearing capacity is between 2.5 t and 30 t. Two gantry cranes, each weighing 10 t, are also part of the equipment.

W&W Projekt Service GmbH

Nienburger Str. 190     Phone:  +49 4271 / 95 38 0     Web:
D-27232 Sulingen           Fax: +49 4271 / 95 38 29    eMail: info(at)

The company’s structure

Managing director:
Thorsten Neumann
Tel. 04271-953810

Plant manager:
Bodo Gehrke
Tel. 04271-953815

Export packaging manager:
Volker Jathe
Tel. 04271-953818

Project management:

Thorolf Meyer
Tel. 04271-953814

Incoming Goods/Shipping:
Dennis Neumann
Tel. 04271-953811

Birgit Neumann
Tel. 04271-953820

Administration/Head office:
Sabine Siemeit
Tel. 04271-9538-0

The team

..consists of 75 motivated employees who use their knowledge and skills to perfectly package your goods.

Save on staff – here, experience chips in too!

Of course, we will also be glad to advise you on any packaging queries. Call us or simply send an email.

Yours sincerely, the W&W Projekt Service team

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