The W&W Projekt Service packaging services

Seaworthy industrial and export packaging

There may be providers who are cheaper than us...
…but rarely are they better value!

Because we not only want to sell you boxes, but also package your products to ensure they arrive safely at their destination.

We use a variety of high-quality materials:
Polyfoil reinforced with VCI,
composite aluminium barrier film,
spray-on corrosion protection,
rubber foam to protect against pressure and vibration,
and much more.

We have no time for false thrift!
The packaging should ensure optimum protection of the cargo being transported.
Care is our motto!

Whatever we do, we do right.

Heavy-cargo packaging

Our know-how, the correct usage of materials, trained staff, and high-quality workmanship are the factors we build on, and the factors you should focus on! Because our long-time experience, knowledge and skills in the packaging sector act as your guarantee.

We also supply you with customised boxes, crates, transport slides, special constructions, serial productions according to ISPM 15, and packaging materials to suit your requirements, because even giant hulks need protective packaging!

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Rust-proofing your goods

The VCI method is a clean, dry and temporary corrosion protection for warehousing and storage. Its benefits include its long-term effect, and the fact that it is reusable, environmentally friendly and suitable for the workplace.
New forms of delivery have reduced the amount of material required and facilitated handling processes, thereby helping the environment and protecting resources.

System packaging

Our service begins with formulating proposals, adjusted by your company, to ensure all runs smoothly. Technically flawless measurement, incl. structural implementation, is guaranteed.

We also offer the following:

    • Collecting the system components purchased or produced by you at a central location.
    • Quantitative and (where possible) also qualitative checks of incoming goods.
    • Notification of goods received
    • Rust-proofing where technically possible, and compatibility consultation
    • Separating equipment components according to technical aspects
    • Packaging in economical packaging units
    • Compiling packing lists
    • Documentation
    • Atlas process / Customs formalities

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